09.30 Registration, Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony’s College (62 Woodstock Road)

09.45 Welcome by Dr Othon Anastasakis (University of Oxford) and Jessie Hronesova (University of Oxford)

10.00-11.30 Keynotes

Professor Michael Biggs (University of Oxford): Why the eruption of protests takes us by surprise?

Dr Igor Stiks (Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh) and Dr Srecko Horvat (freelance philosopher, Zagreb): 3Ps: Protests, Plenums and Parties in Southeast Europe

Chair: Dr Jure Vidmar (University of Oxford)

11.30-11.45 Coffee Break, St Antony’s College Buttery

11.45-13.15 Panels 1&2

Panel 1. Social mobilization and populism in Yugoslavia

Venue: Pavilion, St Antony’s College (62 Woodstock Road) 

Chair: Dr Jelena Obradovich-Wochnik (Aston University)

Marko Grdesic (University of Wisconsin): Populism and the long shadow of Serbia’s “anti-bureaucratic revolution”

Dr Hrvoje Klasic (University of Zagreb): 1968 and 1971 student movements in Yugoslavia causes and consequences

Nela Milic (Goldsmiths College, London): Materialising site – archiving Belgrade protests in ’96/’97

Panel 2. Two ends of a spectrum: radical forms of protest and civic apathy

Venue: Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony’s College (62 Woodstock Road) 

Chair: Dr Neil Ketchley (University of Oxford)

Tina Schivatcheva (King’s College London): Self-immolations and social transformation – radical forms of protest and social mobilization in Bulgaria

Dario Brentin (University College London, SSEES): The democratic ‘hooligan’? – Radical democracy and social protest amongst football fans in Croatia

Julia Schulte-Cloos (University of Oxford): Voter abstention in Kosovo. Empirical evidence on the micro-level

Ana Tomicic (Sapienza University of Rome): The civic apathy in Croatia: a Yugoslav reminiscence?

13.30-14.30 Lunch at St John’s College, Research Center, 45 St Giles

(meet at St Antony’s Porter’s Lodge at 13.20)

14.30-16.00 Panels 3&4

Panel 3. The Power of Civic Actions in Effecting Change

Venue: St John’s College, Research Centre, Room 1 (Lecture Room)

Chair: Professor Richard Caplan (University of Oxford)

Sanja Hajdinjak (Central European University): Citizens’ mobilization in preventing misuse of tourism resources: Comparing Croatian “Srđ je naš” and Montenegrin “Nek’ se čuje krik za spas Mamule”

Chiara Milan (European University Institute): Two-speed civil society. The role of the civil sector in the 2013 and 2014 protests in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Dimitar Nikolovski (Polish Academy of Sciences): From ethnic to civil mobilization: The student movement in Macedonia

Panel 4. Media’s Formative Role in the Dynamics of Social Protests

Venue: St John’s College, Research Centre, Room 2 (Seminar Room)

Chair: Dr James Ker-Lindsay (London School of Economics)

Dr Turkay Salim Nefes (University of Oxford): The significance of conspiracy theories in Turkish politics: The Gezi Park protests

Thomas Siomos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki): From the “protests” to “the protester”: mediatising political action

Julie Rone (European University Institute): High Voltage Mobilization: On media, power distribution and the efficient uses of protest energy

Ozlem Tastan Tuncel (Lancaster University): Gezi Park: Reflections on social media and social mobilization

 16.00-16.15 Coffee Break, St John’s College, Research Center

16.15-17.45 Panels 5&6

Panel 5. The aftermath of mass protests and their impact on politics in South Eastern Europe

Venue: St John’s College, Research Centre, Room 1 (Lecture Room)

Chair: Dr Eric Gordy (SSEES University College London)

Jasmin Hasic (Uni Libre Bruxelles): Norm diffusion and political change by citizen-led movements: A comparative study of the “Bosnian Spring” movement

Jonas Bergan Draege (European University Institute): The impact of Turkey’s Gezi movement on the party system

Dr Marius Ioan Tatar (University of Oradea): Voicing discontent: The dynamics and effects of protest mobilization in Romania

Panel 6. Different methodological approaches to the study of social mobilization

Venue: St John’s College, Research Centre, Room 2 (Seminar Room)

Chair: Dr Ivana Bajic-Hajdukovic (Syracuse University London)

Margherita Belgioioso and Dragana Vidovic (University of Essex): Who protests? Perceived influence and active dissent in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

Daniela Lai (Royal Holloway London): Bridging micro-narratives and macro-theories: the extended case method in Southeast Europe

Adela Gjorgjioska (Sapienza University of Rome): The autumn before Macedonia’s spring? Mobilising protest action in an unlikely context

Dr Olga Onuch (Manchester University and Oxford University): The EuroMaidan Protest Participant Survey: Experiences From The Field And Findings

17.45-19.00 Drinks Reception, St John’s College, St Giles House


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